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Dr. Pranjali Pore
Experimental Animal Facility
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Experimental Animal Facility
The Experimental Animal Facility is located in an exclusive and specially designed building with over 10,000 sq.ft area spread over two floors. The first-floor rooms for rodents and rabbits, which are maintained under dark and light cycles and controlled environmental conditions for temperature, humidity, air pressure as per the regulatory requirements with the help of HVAC system. The ground floor houses majority the service areas (dehusking, washing, autoclaving, storage of animal feed and bedding material), procedure room for infectious studies (BSL2), and quarantine rooms for rodents and rabbits.

The Experimental Animal facility (EAF) maintains 2 basic strains of mice; 2 knockout strains of mice; FOX N1 nude mice; 1 strain of rat and 1 strain of rabbit. Majority of rodents are bred under strictly inbred conditions. The main activity of Experimental Animal facility (EAF) is to bread, maintain and supply quality animals to n-house researchers, as per the sanctions from Institutional Animal ethics Committee (IAEC). The Experimental Animal Facility (EAF) is registered with CPCSEA for breeding and conducting experiments on small laboratory animals vide registration number:

All activities of the Experimental Animal Facility are carried out as per the standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The animal facility maintains the records of the day-to-day activities as well as breeding, maintenance and experimentations records of the animals as per the statutory requirements of CPCSEA. Only authorized person is allowed in the animal rooms. Permitted visitors who have not entered any other outside Animal facility rooms for at least 48 hours are permitted, if it warrants.

Animal facility for research:

This state-of-the art facility is being made accessible to all interested scholars, academicians and scientist from Universities, R&D institutes, private firms and industries along with teachers and students from colleges and schools at notional costs.

For all further clarifications, please contact:

Dr. Pranjali Pore
SS-II (Veterinarian)
Officer-In-Charge ,Experimental Animal Facility (EAF)
Experimental Animal Facility
Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD)
Hyderabad – 500 039 Telangana INDIA
Contact Information
Email: pranjali<at>cdfd.org.in
Phone: +91-40-27216190 / 91
Fax: +91-40-27216006
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